Quality Policy

UE Press Tools Pvt Ltd (UE) is committed to satisfy it’s customers by manufacturing pressed components for automotive industries with consistent quality and on-time delivery by meeting the customer requirements and customer specific requirements

UE will achieve this policy by setting and monitoring process wise quality objectives, appropriate training to all employees, continually improving the quality management system in compliance to IAFT: 16949: 2016 requirements.

Safety Policy

Environmental, Occupational Health And Safety Policy

UE Press Tools Pvt. Ltd. Committed to continually improve the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management System performance by

  • Integrate EOHS considerations at planning and operational stages of our activities, products and services;
  • Comply with all applicable legal, other requirements and corporate guidelines;
  • Understand interested parties needs and expectations wrt EOHS and comply to them as appropriate;
  • Optimize consumption of resources and energy conservation;
  • Educating & motivating our employees &sub contractors;
  • Focus on prevention of pollution, injury & ill health;
  • Enhance awareness, skill and competence of employees through on-going training and pro-active communication;
  • Continually Improve in EOHS Management system performance with efforts for prevention of pollution, occupational ill health and incident.